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last modified 2005-11-30 23:58

Barriers and their breaking-down of cultural implications of the net

(Werner Jauk, Heimo Ranzenbacher, Harald Wiltsche)

The www is brought up with the eurocentric western culture. Beyond military and economic conditions it is addicted to a logic, that finally has to be understood as a generalization, arosen out of specific (visual controlled) body - environment-interactions and their formalizations.

The logical junctions of causality, linearity and finality are conceived within a mechanistic idea of world, a view of life, which has been generated by science. This methology is also applied on non-natural phenomena, on the effectivness of will and on virtualities.

The euclidian space can be received as a model, supposed to be capable to illustrate (in a limited way) the experiences of body -environment - interactions. The employment also of these space-imageries for metaphorizing communication-based affairs, is a dominant example for this transfer.

Prior to the popularism of the net, yet Mc Luhan anticipated a required mutation in comprehending such geometrical volumes, with regard to their implosion turning into an all-at-onceness, for the sake of the impossibility to experience the velocity of informationtransfer-a mechanical part of communications.

Provided the www is a network of communication, then a shaping structure of the interface are combined on it. Net-communication is primarly based on written language (with a certain amount to orality), you´ll find fewer iconic signs and quite none bodieness; generally one could say, the applied means of net-communication do not embrace any non-verbal connotations. "Net-Language" is just optimized and formalized towards an illustration of linear and logical forms and its character pertains a certain military taste, commanding-language.

Western culture, when deduced to its political and economical vivid forms of actions and expressions, is grounded on a logical conception of the world. Off the political and economic efforts the discussion will negotiate basic aspects of tools of communication as far as it is connected with global network, cultural plurality and transcultural significance: language, icon, body - seen as cultural determined as well as cultural determinative media of communication. In an overlapping (hybrid) field of science and art, their semantics within a worldwide communication are at issue.

translated by dage