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last modified 2005-12-03 03:05

Machfeld 2005

(aka Sabine Maier und Michael Mastrototaro)

Programming: Hubert Hausegger


The moving image has been a long time only a media of documentation. This was caused by the time delay between filming and broadcasting – a lack of technology possibilities. The possibility of live broadcasting created a new situation. Now it is possible to attend an event at the same moment as it happens.

In the interactive installation IVI the medium video will be extended by the support of image recognition. The complex interaction between the media and the human body creates a new platform of experience.

The recipient will be a visual part of the installation and an instant interaction instrument – hence: There is the possibility of collective as well as individual influence. Substrate of the emotional level is the visual representation of viruses.

When you play with the projected picture you will activate a behaviour of biological patterns. The familiar instrument of the own body becomes the test tube of visual perception.