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Surf the net

last modified 2005-12-03 03:03

nap + forum::für::umläute

(Nicole Pruckermayr + IOhannes Zmölnig)


Superordinated is the issue of interfaces–the contactless interaction between humans and machine– and the boundless navigation. In a set of experimental assemblies are different (sparetime–) activities, like "Surf the net", "Swim the net", "Row the net", to be tested as useful connecting links between physical and virtual world.

An accumulation of forms of leisure–time avocation offers that, which the boundless availability of the net leads to believe: bussyness around the clock without immersive eye (or: deepened argument with) into individual information, therein finally concerning the excrescences of a "society of spectacle.“ (Guy Debord).

The journey through the internet occurs by active sportive exercise, off the usual methods with keyboard and mouse. In this guidance of “new“ navigating, which has to be learned like each sport, the way between two worlds (two pages) turns up to the actual exciting part of "surf the net.“